Season 1, Episode 7: Fourth Wall Down

Download here: Fourth Wall Down

Sorry we’re late. Abby ran a half-marathon and saw a Kings game, Erin is home with her fam, Zoe is finishing her manuscript, and Carol made a lot of apple sauce with her mom.

But we’re back, oh hey.


This episode in hockey news:

  • Chris Pronger is done with hockey.
  • Patrick Kaleta was suspended for ten games, appealed, and was denied, and is threatening to appeal his suspension again.
  • Matt Cooke is is like, but hey, let’s talk about this.
  • Maxime Lapierre was suspended for five games for boarding Dan Boyle. Lapierre apologized. Rather, he left a message. Boyle isn’t hearing it, he isn’t taking Lapierre’s calls.
  • Taylor Hall scored two goals in eight seconds in a game against the Isles, beating Gretzky’s record. The Great One had something to say.
  • In other Isles news: three-time thirty goal scorer Matt Moulson was traded to the Buffalo, along with with two very high picks, for Thomas Vanek, who is very, very happy about this move, because Buffalo is all babies, like serious babies, and he was like, no.
  • A Chicago writer is very surprised that the Blackhawks have female fans. Really.
  • Cody Hodgson says, no, his daddy did not talk to the Canucks about his ice time. What.
  • Quotable quotes: Lars Eller called the the Oilers a junior hockey team, and then the Oilers beat the Habs, and Dallas Eakins was like, ha! And Eller said he was sorry, the end.
  • Quotable quotes: Says Torts, we’re not gonna dive, we’re not gonna dive.
  • Quotable quotes: Darryl Sutter moved Alec Martinez from defense to left wing, cause someone’s gotta do it. Yessir.
  • Guys, Erik Karlsson is not a god, okay.
  • Sharpy had a baby.
  • Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane gave an interview and it was great.
  • The Leafs don’t like Miley Cyrus.
  • Brent Burns is shaving his beard for charity. Go donate money.


Fic recs:

Recs from Abby

Recs from Carol

Recs from Zoe

away from the shore

I Need A Hero

when I’m lost, there’s you

Sitting, Waiting, Watching, Wishing

Highway Unicorn

take it slowly but don’t warn me

Honorable mentions:


Also, we have another 60-second submission, this time for the Capitals (Ovie, we’re sorry you’re broken). Also also, we were able to interview King Hankie, who was one of the authors of  Flyers rpf that was featured in an article in a Philly newspaper . She’s great.


Catch you guys next  time!

6 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 7: Fourth Wall Down

  1. First, the e in Zarfe is silent, but it’s a very common mistake so no worries!
    Carol: Thank you for reading and (kinda) enjoying my story I Need a Hero!
    Seeing the rec made me a giddy school girl inside! I tried to make it very obvious that it is not a story for everyone but a really terrible, dark, foreboding thing. That being said, I’m glad that you decided to read it and really give it a shot. I had never written super hero stories before, nor have I ever actually submerged myself in their culture and so I was very much flying in the dark about it. To know that it is being enjoyed makes me happy, especially because of the dark tone (and terrible things that happen in it), as well as it’s overbearing length.
    I am in the process of working out the mechanics of the sequel that will wrap up some overarching themes and connect the errors the characters made through it. Usually I write for the public only when the Big Bangs start up, but I had received several requests for a follow up that have spurred me to give everyone the finish that I know they wont like. Also, writing a sequel for a Big Bang is definitely a cop-out!
    Thanks for the amazing podcast and may you all keep it up!

    1. :DDD I knew you would chime in and let me know how to say it! I had faith!!!

      I’m pretty stoked that you commented. I do really like “I Need a Hero”. Your work is interesting–I also really liked your “South by Southeast”–it’s so different from what other people are writing, which makes it exciting and valuable to me. (And I LOVED the darkness. Zoe likes to say that that’s because I’m a sociopath. But come on, life isn’t all fluffy bunnies! I like it when fic reflects that.)

      ((Okay, I also like it when fic is all fluffy bunnies. I’m kinda easy… >_____>))

      Anyway, I am looking forward to that sequel. I’ll be keeping my eye out for it.


      1. You remembering South by Southeast makes me laugh! That was another Big Bang one that got way out of control in a very short period of time!

        I’m the same, that I like a wide variety of stories out there (from the super fluff, to the AUs, to the character deaths), but when I go to write something, I try to look for the parts where not many people have gone. With SxSE it was working on a fun little adventure story where, although the adventure is important, it’s a lot more geared toward characters learning to work together.

        I Need a Hero was kind of a step in the other direction. As you said, it was a characterization study in evil, but more than that, it was an attempt at showing how evil can use good to it’s advantage. How being naive and simple can leave you open for others to take advantage.

        Really, there were way too many little decisions I made through it to really warrant a list, but there were a lot, and the sequel will show how some people were doing good for good’s sake, some were using good as a means to an end, and the bad in similar regards as well. It will also be a showing of how the good can conquer evil.

        I have probably said way too much, but its vague so I’ll leave it.
        Thanks again! :D

  2. So I’m listening to these podcasts backwards because I just found them the other day (they are SO delightful! you guys seem so lovely, and you’re so fun to listen to, the pods just have this air of sitting down with friends over a cup of tea to chat about awesome things!) and thank you so much for the honorable mention for “make lots of noise”! It really was a labor of love, so I’m always thrilled to hear that somebody enjoyed it. It wasn’t even on the list in this post so I didn’t see the mention coming at all, it was like the greatest little easter egg! :D

    1. Listening backwards! Oh man, gotta warn you: once you get to episode , sound quality goes way down. I mean, we still don’t know what we’re doing, but back then, we were a mess. We’re really, really happy that you’re enjoying the episodes, though! They are a labor of love (lots of labor, but we love doing it, we love hockey, we love fandom, we love fic, we love you guys). We really are just a group of friends spread across the continental US who’ve been arguing about hockey and arguing about fic for months, and why not make a podcast, you know? Why not make the conversation something bigger than just the four of us?

      I am so sorry that your fic wasn’t included in the recs! Thanks for pointing it out, adding it up there now.
      <3 Hockeyfact

      1. Yes! It’s like the pod is everything great about fandom in a nutshell, just people telling each other stories and sharing stuff they love. OKAY BRACING MYSELF FOR THE DIP IN SOUND QUALITY.

        Nooo, I didn’t even mean it as a complaint! I mean, thank you for going to the trouble of editing the post, but it really was, like, a sweet little surprise. Totally worked out well for me. *g*

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